Emily’s Story: “It was the first time that the focus was on me and my well-being.”

Emily’s Story: “It was the first time that the focus was on me and my well-being.”


Age: 27

Birth: First baby, induced delivery via forceps


  • Exhaustion
  • Feeling weak and generally unwell

Did postnatal yoga for:

  • Strengthening my muscles, particularly in my tummy
  • Taking some time for myself

At the end of the course:

  • Tummy muscles closed from 3 fingers to less than 1
  • Felt stronger and more at ease with my role as a mother
  • Started to see the value of taking time to look after myself and begin learning about what my body needs
  • Felt part of a welcoming and supportive community of mums

I would recommend post natal yoga because:

I would, and regularly do, easily recommend the postnatal yoga course to other mums. What is more difficult is explaining why. I always thought that after I had been signed off by the doctor at my 9-week check I would be feeling pretty much normal again. Perhaps I would have a little baby weight to lose, but other than that I imagined that I would have “recovered”. It didn’t happen quite like that and when added to a severe lack of sleep, by the time my daughter was nine months old I was feeling very weak and unwell. Doing the postnatal yoga course was the extra bit of space I needed, both physically and emotionally. After all, it was the first time since my daughter was born that the focus was on me and my well-being. The combination of relaxation, stretches and a supportive community helped me to realise my strength and feel well again.

Katie is a supportive, accepting and inspirational yoga teacher and i can’t imagine a better person to teach postnatal yoga. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate but that isn’t to say that this course is only for yogis! Katie ensures that it is accessible to anyone and the range of backgrounds and experiences of the ladies in the room helps to make the course what it is.

I’ve recently had my second baby and my husband said I should definitely do the course again (even if it did leave him at home with two babies who won’t sleep!) because “it helped my be myself again”. I don’t see it that way. instead, it helped me become a different version of myself, because it was always going to be different after a baby (both physically and emotionally), but different in a good way!

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