On Fasting

On Fasting

I first felt the need to fast at about 31. Over the years I’ve done intermittent fasting, fasting on water, fasting on juice, and more recently fasting with plant medicine. Each time I have learnt something new.

Fasting is a form of deep yoga and it is there in all cultures. It is a way of seeking answers, of asking for change, of going deeper, of healing ailments, of cleansing the body, of doing prayer.

On a physical level it releases all the energy that would be spent digesting and breaking down food and reinvests it in your system. It can help you see more clearly if you need to know what to do. For me this is one of the most powerful aspects of fasting.

It’s always good to fast for the first time with guidance. This might be in the form of a book or an experienced guide, and is important if you have a medical condition. Sometimes it is just good to press pause.

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