The Celtic Cross of Journeys & Meetings

The Celtic Cross of Journeys & Meetings

Doodling connects us to our unconscious mind; the part below the surface. This part of our mind works with symbols, images and metaphors. 

There are many ways we can connect to this part of ourself through the trance state: through drawing and making, through thought and reflection, through unconscious writing, yoga nidra, hypnotherapy, through listening to and playing music.

Getting in touch with it connects us to our deepest self, and this can be tremendously therapeutic. So I wondered at the meaning of the cross that appeared in this drawing I made.

I was reminded of the words of Kathleen Smyth, a sculptor from Wild Goose Studios, who put it perfectly on the back of one of her beautiful Celtic crosses, based on an image found on a stone, carved 1,000 year ago.

“On the journey of life our paths cross many opportunities, the most challenging can be those with other human beings. The meeting that may bring us fulfilment or even frustration depends on the most startling chance and circumstance. The cross, joining vertical and horizontal is a symbol of the importance and the pain of the encounter. Once achieved there are so many obstacles in its path amid the prosaic and petty demands of life. Unions missed, unions broken, uncompleted unions, disasters, misunderstandings, estrangements. The journey from the very first meeting to true union and love is long and arduous.”

I often wonder at my own life: why was there this encounter and not that, about the magnitude of consequences coming from some meetings, whereas other encounters withered. We yearn for meetings and unions that bear fruit, but sometimes it is the seemingly inconsequential meeting or the painful one that teaches us something clear and unmistakable. It is often many years before we come to terms with our encounters and the questions they have raised; the difficulties and the challenges.

All of our yoga classes at Samye Centre are taught in circles; symbolically, a circle represents inclusiveness, the completion of cycles, and a movement that never ends towards self-realisation.

Here I am reminded that the cross of journeys and meetings is also etched in our psyche.

My offering of hypnotherapy is a bid to bring together the 0s and Xs; to work with the inclusiveness of systems and to acknowledge the importance of the encounter.

From June 6th, I will be offering hypnotherapy sessions in my own home in Newark-on-Trent, and via Zoom. 

As a hypnotherapy student, I will be insured to work with clients in the same way as a fully qualified hypnotherapist, but will charge much less whilst I complete my training.

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