What is Abundance?

What is Abundance?

“Interesting thing I’ve learned this year; the more I give, the more I receive.. it seems so simple but it’s only just hit me.”

Giving creates interactions and gratitude has a ripple effect that creates more giving. Let’s examine what that means.

We all have so much stuff that could be useful to others at the point they are at, just as others have so much that could be useful to us… whether skills, material objects, words. When it becomes a pleasure to remedy someone’s shortfall out of resources just sitting there, it’s bonus time for everyone. 

We’ve been taught to measure our growth in life through hard won debits and credits, but what if there’s a natural law that trumps this stale and limiting way? Because there is a sort of spiritual satisfaction that comes from this kind of giving.

It starts with recognising need (which takes us out of ourselves and our own front page headlines; needs are natural things), having an idea as to how it can be met (our natural creativity and problem solving abilities wake up and we feel connected to our resources), and then acting on it (the key that turns the lock and opens the door)

The pleasure of the act of giving helps us to experience how it feels to create happiness for someone by meeting their need so simply and with such little expenditure, just by either being you or giving something that was never really yours in the first place.

We realise then that anything is possible…. and if that’s how the whole universe is meant to operate, then it MUST MEAN there IS abundance. We just have to access it.

What’s more, that abundance isn’t just about material things, although that can be important. It can also be about our friendships, our health and our community.

Giving forms community at it’s very core.

Abundance can be practiced in anything we do. But it always starts in giving or receiving what is freely available.

Unplug yourself. When you recognise a need (even if it is your own!) and you have the solution just sitting in the palm of your hand, give. It shouldn’t feel heavy or difficult; it’s not about giving away what you need and it doesn’t involve suffering or giving away your power. It’s not done for show and there are no IOUs. The universe will find a way to give back to you what you need in return (if we are open to receiving; another thing we have been taught not to do!). 

There are infinite needs and infinite creators; as we co-create, harmony arises, along with a civilisation that doesn’t focus on debits and credits.

There is Plenty (there always has been); it is the way we access it that matters.