We’ve gone online!

We’ve gone online!

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, all our classes are now running happily online! 

We’ve also added a new Online Weekly Women’s Yoga Circle on Tuesday nights from 7.30-9.30pm, to help support women through these challenging times (starts 24 March). This is on top of our existing Online Weekly Women’s Yoga Circle at the same time on Friday nights (next block starts 10 April). You can book by block or drop-in.

We’ve gone online with our daytime Children’s Yoga & Baby Yoga classes. The next block of Baby Yoga is the next to start, on Friday 1st May from 11.30am – 12.30pm. A new block of Children’s Yoga will also start on Thursday 14th May from 5-6pm.

Through the coronavirus pandemic, we will be continuously running 4 or 6 week blocks to help those who are at home develop a good routine.

It is important for us to retain our connections and nourish ourselves through community for the next period of time. Research shows that seeing the faces of your friends, teachers and family reduces stress and promotes psychological wellbeing. We can also support each other with practical tips and it helps to talk about our feelings in a safe space.

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Community Yoga

Community Yoga

It’s only 3 weeks since Christmas, but already we can sense spring energy, ready to emerge! Now is a good time to invest in experiences that will help support your growth in the coming year.

In past decades of research into the benefits of yoga, academics were often frustrated that they couldn’t separate the positive effects of physical poses and breathing practices, from the general social benefits of people meeting and forming supportive communities. 

My sense is that both are equally important; when women meet in circles, the trust hormone, oxytocin is released. Meeting in circles is part of an ancient process of bonding. 

Equally, the need for positive voice, touch and movement when raising children is irrefutable. 

Bringing into this context yogic practices which are beneficial for women, babies, children and teenagers at particular gateways in their lives (for example as a baby, then a child, becoming a teen, or for a woman recovering postnatally, stabilising hormonally, or entering the long journey of peri/menopause) is an absolute no-brainer.

As a community yoga teacher, I respond to need. From working in children’s homes with looked after children with special needs, to supporting mums on the day their baby is born and helping women recover after surgery, the practices we teach and sessions we run aim to knit together an inter-generational community of shared experience, where we value each other more, and see possibilities in bringing about the changes we wish to see in our own and others’ lives.

In truth, we were never meant to do it alone.

Postnatal Healing Workshop – Sat 22 Feb 2020

Postnatal Healing Workshop – Sat 22 Feb 2020

The postnatal years are a critical juncture in a woman’s life during which many of us experience a journey of transformation. By paying attention to our needs and following ancient, traditional, healing practices we can give ourselves the opportunity to correct many health problems and emerge from the postnatal years revitalised and reborn. Without taking this time to re-align, integrate and heal at such an important transitional phase in our lives, many health problems can occur later on in life.

In many traditional cultures, after a woman has had her baby, her nervous system is tremendously taxed and for this reason she is regarded as being as vulnerable as a new born baby. During the first few months she is taught practices to close the body and to start the journey and transition from birth to healing.

In the West, there’s a lot of guidance antenatally on: nutrition, exercise and birth preparation, and community midwives are there to provide medical care for you and your baby up until 28 days after you have given birth.
However, there’s a lack of non-medical practices to help women spiritually and physically move on after birth

Workshop Details:

Come and sit in a women’s circle and learn a set of yogic practices to enable you to close your body after the birth of your child(ren). This workshop is accessible to ALL women who have given birth and feel they would like to do these practices. It is also open to women who have previously done a set of postnatal practices and would like to revisit them again.

Date: Saturday 22nd February
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Congregational Church Hall, Hatton Gardens, Newark, NG24 1TH
Cost: £30
Attendees: Women only (no babies)
Please bring: yoga mat, blanket, cushion and a long pashmina-type scarf or rebozo.

Please eat a light breakfast before coming. A selection of herbal teas will be available during the morning.

Who is this workshop for?

– Women who have recently had a baby
– Women with older children who have never done a set of postnatal yoga practices to help close the body after birth and who intuitively feel that they would benefit from doing so now

What can these practices help with?

The practices focus on deep relaxation and exercises to:

  • address exhaustion and fatigue
  • help parted tummy muscles
  • strengthen the pelvic floor
  • realign the pelvis
  • reset the endocrine system to support you when you need it the most
  • relax deeply

They are a route in to progressively giving you back your mental, physical and spiritual body after your child(ren)’s birth.

Where did these practices come from?

These are primarily a set of floor based practices and breathing exercises taught by Dr Francoise Freedman, founder of the charity Birthlight. Dr Freedman is a medical anthropologist and yoga therapist who has married her experience of studying traditional cultures with the practices of yoga. You will also experience a deep relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra, a practice which in modern times originates from the Satyananda School of Yoga. All practices are taught in a circle and include a time for sharing and affirmations; this is influenced by traditional Amazonian Women’s Circles.

To Book on:

Please fill in an online registration form: https://www.samyecentre.com/postnatal-registration-form/
It will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. The form asks detailed questions about your health prior to pregnancy and about your pregnancy, birth and health postnatally. It also asks questions about any previous pregnancies you may have had. Every pregnancy and birth is different. Providing as much information as you can for each of your pregnancies provides an understanding of your experiences, the effect it had on your body and helps focus attention to areas that need extra attention in class.

If you have any questions when filling in the form, have problems accessing it, or if you would prefer to fill in a paper copy or not to fill in a form at all, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Once we’ve received your form, we will email you instructions for booking on.

You do not need to fill in a form, if you are already doing yoga with Samye Centre. Please text: 07578 177445 or email: info@samyecentre.com to let Katie know you’d like to book on.

Women’s Yoga Weekend Away

Women’s Yoga Weekend Away

YHA Boggle Hole, Yorkshire – 15-17 June – ‘Grounding’

I have wanted for some time to find a suitable venue for women’s yoga weekends away and short midweek breaks. Sometimes we need to get out of our normal environment to reconnect with what it is we really need.

After a lot of searching, I came across Boggle Hole, the iconic youth hostel near Whitby in Yorkshire, which has just received a £1.2 million revamp. We are holding a women’s youth hostelling & yoga weekend this June to test it’s potential as a yoga venue for the cold winter months, when we hope to hold proper mid-week retreats.

We’ll be bunking in a dorm and getting up early (before everyone else we hope!) for meditation and yoga in the early mornings. There’ll be time free in the day, before a return to practice later in the afternoon. The venue is attractive as it offers catering (will cater for vegans, gluten free, dairy free etc) and self catering options, has wonderful shared spaces and an ambient vibe. It will be very busy in June, so definitely not a retreat, but our therapy during the busy day time will be the great outdoors: it’s right on the sea (literally a stone’s throw from the front door), a short walk to Robin Hood’s bay along fossil-filled beaches, and a 6-mile drive from Whitby.

We are aiming to develop affordable women’s yoga weekends and hope that Boggle Hole will provide what we need. If you’re interested in coming along, we have 3 spaces left in an 8-bed dorm for the taking!

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Yoga for Teens: Relaxation & Sleep


Did you know that teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best? And that most teens do not get enough sleep — one study found that only 15% reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours on school nights.

In order to sleep well, you need to plan a bedtime routine so you can relax and go to sleep:

  • Phones off at least one hour before bedtime
  • Three regular meals a day
  • Exercise in the daytime
  • Actively do practices to help you relax at bedtime


Over-thinking, excessive worry and anxiety, being under pressure and having too much to do keeps us in fight or flight mode and stops us from relaxing. In addition, having our phones on before or at bedtime can also stop us from getting a good night’s sleep. Phones and computers emit blue light, which our body thinks is daylight.

Lack of sleep leads to poor memory, concentration and recall and a feeling of being ‘unwell’. It can interfere with our emotions, our eating patterns, affect our digestion, cause weight gain and lead to anxiety and depression.

Yoga Nidra: A Guided Relaxation

Newark Academy Year 11 Success Day 1 cropped

Relaxation is what our body does when our fight & flight system calms down: our heart rates slows, our blood pressure drops, breathing deepens, sleep happens and healing occurs.

We need practices to help our bodies and minds relax; in today’s world, we cannot expect it to happen on it’s own!

To help teens relax, let go and get better sleep, we teach a particular kind of guided relaxation called Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra can be used before sleep and is meant to be done lying down.

It takes you on a rotation of different parts of the body and some simple visualisations, while you lie on your back, covered with a blanket.

In a recent workshop at a local secondary school for Year 11 students preparing for their exams and their parents, we experienced a 12-minute guided Yoga Nidra. Within a short period of time, parents and teens began to feel calmer, happier and more relaxed. Students were encouraged to take back home the yoga nidra script and record it on their phones, to play back to themselves at bedtime.

The positive effects demonstrated in this simple experiment are no surprise to yogis, who understand we need daily practices that can become part of our lives, to be well.

For more information on Yoga Nidra :: CLICK HERE ::

For more information on our program of Yoga in Schools :: CLICK HERE ::

If you would like to get in touch to discuss Yoga for Teens, please email Katie at: info@samyecentre.com