Parent Toddler Yoga – Online Class

Parent Toddler Yoga – Online Class

Due to Coronavirus, all our classes are now running happily online! 

We currently offer a morning Parent Toddler Yoga class on Fridays from 11 months to 2.5 years old. If your child is under 11 months old, please see our Baby Yoga classalso on Monday mornings.

What are the benefits?

    • Offers a continuation of baby yoga for mobile babies & toddlers (11 Months – 2.5 Years);
    • Supports the transition from babyhood to independence;
    • Provides a positive shared routine to carry families through what can be a challenging time as they may begin to tackle tantrums and boundary testing;
    • By engaging in physical activities together, it helps parents to maintain a close bond with their growing child;
    • Encourages self-expression through movement;
    • Promotes strength, flexibility and balance;
    • Helps children understand healthy lifestyles: there are times to be still and quiet and times to move and be active;
    • Stretch, move & relax together & enjoy a yoga community

Classes are  taught in 6 week rolling blocks and include:

  • A moment of calm: meditation for parents at the start of class
  • Toddler time: fun sequences for you and your toddler to practice together
  • Yoga for parents: some classic yoga postures and sequences
  • How to use yoga props e.g. stretching using ribbons, building roads with blocks to encourage balance co-ordination and teamwork, free movement using scarfs
  • Relaxation: how to do relaxation-time for you and your toddler

Our classes work well because:

  • Children learn in their own time
  • Your children love to see you do new activities, such as meditation, as well as rolling round on the floor with them
  • Playful moves with rhymes are a great way for children to learn yoga
  • We keep the flow but let them go: we never force children to join in; we can help them feel the stretches but then let them go; they will come back when they’re ready!
  • Children gradually memorise the sequences which internalise yoga moves
  • There is a time to focus on them and a time to focus on you, and there is time for all of it in class

Next Block:  

  • Next Start Date: Friday 27th March
  • Time: 10 -11am
  • Duration 6 consecutive Fridays – 27 March, 3, 10, 17, 24 April & 1 May
  • Venue: Online using Zoom
  • How does it work? You will need to download Zoom in advance to your device (It’s free). I will send you an invitation and password 1 hour before your first class. Log in is 5-10 minutes before your class begins. Online classes work best when you have a good internet connection. We can do a test run before your first class to check you are able to connect okay (it’s much simpler than you think!)
  • Cost: £60, payable in advance (6 week block)

How to Book:

To book, please :: CLICK HERE ::  to fill out a registration form. We will email you confirming course details and how to pay. Payment is required in advance to book your place. We normally ask you to pay by bank transfer.

If you have already done Baby Yoga with this child with Samye Centre, you do not need to fill in another form. Please email us on: or text: 07578 177445 and we will send you details of how to book on.

Early booking is essential. Please note we regret we cannot give credits for missed classes, as we run small classes where you receive lots of individual attention.

If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking on, please get in touch with Katie Greenfield on 07578 177445 or email

Preparing for your Online Yoga Class:

  1. Please download Zoom to take part in our online yoga classes. Once you’ve booked on, I will send you a link and password 1 hour before class. Please follow the link 5-10 minutes prior to class. This will give time for your audio feed to start working, and to iron out any technical difficulties. 
  2. Before class, find a quiet place. Make sure it is free from anything that will distract your toddler, like toys, or will distract you  (even if this means doing yoga in your bathroom!). 
  3. If there are others at home with you, explain that they must not disturb you for an hour and that it is best if the door to the room you are using is kept closed. 
  4. If you have an older child at home, and they need to be with you, they can do toddler yoga with you. Set them up with a towel for a yoga mat!
  5. If you don’t have a yoga mat, put a big towel down on the floor. You will also need 2 blankets (one for you and one for baby) and 2 pillows (you can use ones from your bed). 
  6. If you could have a pashmina type scarf or rebozo handy too, that would be great.
  7. And finally, thanks for giving it a go! It is important for us to retain our connections and nourish ourselves through community for the next period of time. Research shows that seeing the faces of your friends, teachers and family reduces stress and promotes psychological wellbeing. We can also support each other with practical tips and it helps to talk about our feelings in a safe space.

Future Block Dates

Through the coronavirus pandemic, we will be continuously running 6 week blocks of online classes to help those who are at home to develop a good structure and routine.

  • Block 1 – 27 March, 3, 10, 17, 24 April & 1 May
  • Block 2 – 8, 15, 22, 29 May & 5, 12 June
  • Block 3 – 19, 26 June, 3, 10, 17, 24 July