28 Days Postnatal Care

28 Days Postnatal Care

A program of 3, affordable home visits. Gentle yoga, alignment and relaxation is used to help close a woman’s body after birth and enable deep rest with baby, at a time when it is most needed.

In many Traditional Cultures:

  • After a woman has had her baby, her nervous system is tremendously taxed and for this reason she is regarded as being as vulnerable as a new born baby
  • During the first few months she is taught practices to close the body and to start the journey and transition from birth to healing.

In the West:

  • There’s a lot of guidance antenatally on: nutrition, exercise and birth preparation
  • Community midwives are there to provide medical care for you and your baby up until 28 days after you have given birth
  • There’s a lack of non-medical practices to help women spiritually and physically move on after birth

How You’ll Benefit:

These 3, weekly sessions in your own home, focus on deep relaxation and exercises which:

  • Realign the pelvis
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Gently activate deep tummy muscles
  • Reset the endocrine system to support your during your first year
  • Enable deep relaxation and well being at a time when nurture and self-care is critical
  • Are the route in to progressively giving you back your body after your child’s birth.

The postnatal year is a critical juncture in a woman’s life during which many of us experience a journey of transformation. By paying attention to our needs and following ancient, traditional, healing practices we can give ourselves the opportunity to correct many health problems and emerge from the postnatal year revitalised and reborn. Without taking this time to re-align, integrate and heal at such an important transitional phase in our lives, many health problems can occur later on in life.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Women during the first week after giving birth
  • It can also be started at any time during the first year or so after birth, with great benefits.
  • It’s suitable for women with older children who have never done postnatal yoga practices to help close the body after birth and who intuitively feel that they would benefit from doing so now. The practices will still be effective but need to be practiced for longer.
  • Sessions are available on Zoom, as well as face to face.

These practices help you close your body after birth, and encourage you to nurture and strengthen your body.

The practices you’ll learn were usually taught by the grandmother of a family, but since such knowledge has largely been lost from our grandparents’ generation in the West, these practices are now offered to Western women through the practice of post-natal yoga.

What to Expect:

The first visit will last about 90 minutes and is a gentle, deeply relaxing and sometimes emotional experience for mothers.

We will spend some time talking about your experience of pregnancy and birth, and then you’ll learn some very gentle practices which will help you begin to integrate your experience and close your body.

You will be amazed at how the practices support you, whether it is weeks, months or years since you had your baby.

How to Book:

To book on, please :: CLICK HERE ::  to fill out a registration form. We will get in touch to agree dates & times for the sessions and to give you details of how to pay. We normally ask payment to be made by bank transfer.

Your investment in this highly nurturing postnatal experience is:

  • £145 for a full programme of 3 sessions.

Plus petrol costs if you would like face to face sessions and are based outside of Newark-on-Trent, UK.

Payment in advance for all 3 sessions is required to secure your place.

To book, or for more info, please contact Katie Greenfield by phone 07578 177445 / or email info@samyecentre.com