Women’s Yoga Weekends at Boggle Hole

“I love all this. I love your commitment to working with women. You are amazing – your energy and that place are very special.”

Jenny Dalton

“I really enjoyed the yoga weekend – the place, the people, the yoga, the whole experience was really quite magical. But the real impact is only just now beginning to be felt as I’m getting back into life with a totally changed perspective – calmer, more gentle and forgiving of myself and others. Katie’s retreat has had a profound effect on me and I am very grateful to have experienced it.”

Alison Kelly

“I have been to a Katie’s Boggle Hole Yoga weekend three times now and every time has been transformational for me. In modern day life, I am often so busy being a Mummy, working or housekeeping etc, I feel I do not have the time to rest, reflect and reset myself. Where Katie’s weekends offer a space to do this.

What makes these weekends special to me, is that they offer a feeling of safety, surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach and calming waves on the doorstep. The yoga sessions are perfectly scheduled to allow you time to do what you need to do, take a walk to Robin Hood’s Bay where the atmosphere is charming and welcoming, take a walk along the beach, or find a spot to relax and process what you need to. The yoga is accessible for all too, Katie is an attentive yoga teacher who is calm and adjusts poses to suit all abilities.

I have found the yoga weekends are prosperous for me and have offered me an escape for healing, connection and freedom. I feel I can become my self on these breaks and feel alive in a world where I often feel so rushed off my feet, disassociated and pulled in all directions. I then feel that when I am home, I can integrate these changes with a new awareness of what works for me. As a result my self care becomes easier and I have a happier outlook on life.

Finally, I find these weekends special as the women who are there are very warm and accepting people. Katie is an inspiring teacher, a beautiful person and will hold a safe space for your healing from an authentic place. You can be you and learn you are enough…and in life that is rare. Thank you Katie.”

Jess Gill

“I came back from Boggle Hole feeling so refreshed and with a new feeling of inner calm! Honestly it feels like a brand new space has opened up inside of me.”

Eleanor Powick


“The changes since we’ve worked together have been massive – I cannot put into words how empowering it is to be able to take control of your own destiny.’

Jo Thomas-Wright

“Since starting hypnotherapy my anxiety levels have fallen, my sleep is better, I’ve been able to ‘let go’ of many trivial things I wasn’t able to before. My relationship with my partner and twins has dramatically improved.”

Daisy Repper

“What has changed for me is that I have stopped re-living an upsetting experience and I am very grateful for that”

Karen Helliwell

“I cannot fully receive a treatment unless I feel warm, comfortable and totally trusting of the practitioner. I also respond to being given a safe container to find my way to my own knowing and wisdom, which can take a while sometimes! Katie provided me with all these gifts with her hypnotherapy session. It felt gentle, slow, held, deeply relaxing and restorative and surprising! Some gentle tears, laughter, and some physical sensations that were lovely. I haven’t experienced hypnotherapy before, and as always, the connection with the therapist is vital. I can highly recommend Katie. She gently invited me to go into some subconscious places where the unseen is stored, and magic can start to flow again.’

Dr Carolyn Eddleston

Weekly Women’s Yoga Circle

“I have been fortunate to meet Katie a few years ago when attending her postnatal yoga sessions. I am currently attending the very special weekly women’s yoga circle and also working with Katie in hypnotherapy sessions. Katie is a one of a kind and a very experienced and intuitive healer. Her wisdom, warmth and genuine care makes your own healing journey a very natural one. You come away feeling more inspired, more positive and a step closer to understanding who you are and what you are here to do.”

Nicola Matthews

“The women’s yoga circles have helped me to feel held and supported throughout the most difficult times of my life. They have created a sense of community or family holding for me that I have not been able to feel elsewhere. They have offered me a sense to feel it is ok to be me and for me to come exactly as I am.

I find it difficult to tap into yoga practices at home, there is always something else that needs to be done. The space Katie holds is longer in length to ‘normal’ yoga classes which I find offers a greater chance to really let go and process away from any external triggers in life.”

Jess Gill