YOGA circles, retreats & rituals for women

Events, Workshops, Weekends, Classes – 2022/23

Candlelit Yoga on the Solstice (in a Yurt! 21 Dec)

New Year’s Yoga: Setting Your Intentions (2nd Jan)

Yoga Retreats by the Sea (May, June, July, Sept, Oct)

Weekly Women’s Yoga Circle (Friday nights) 

Weekly Children’s Yoga Circle (Tuesdays)

We teach small, bespoke classes and workshops, giving lots of individual attention, and are qualified in teaching adult yoga, postnatal yoga, baby yoga and children's yoga (including yoga for children with special needs). We offer 4 women's yoga breaks by the sea each year, and run regular workshops in yoga and other healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, homeopathy and healing. We are training in clinical hypnotherapy and will offer consultations from 6th June. We believe in working together in the community and across generations to support women's & children's health.

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