10 Reasons… to do Yoga with your Children in 2019!

10 Reasons… to do Yoga with your Children in 2019!

We’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years. In that time we’ve watched over a thousand families enjoy & develop wonderful, loving relationships. Here are our top reasons to do yoga with your children in 2019:

1. Doing Yoga together promotes bonding

2. It makes you feel happy

3. Gives you a new way of communicating together

4. Special time out with your child

5. Helps you to accept who you are and where you are right now (life is a journey)

6. Improves flexibility

7. Increases your creativity

8. Promotes healthy rhythms (times for activity & times for rest together)

9. Greater calmness / emotional resilience

10. Has a positive impact on your whole family!

Life is moving at an ever faster pace; we need to discover new ways as families to regularly re-connect to what’s important. The positive touch, voice and movement we use when doing Yoga with our children creates happiness and helps establish healthy rhythms.

How can I find a Yoga class for me & my child?

If you live in the Newark area, we offer term-time Yoga classes for you and your child from 10 weeks to 11 years old. We also teach children’s yoga classes in the summer holidays!

To find out more about our classes :: CLICK HERE ::

We also teach in local nurseries, primary and secondary schools. If your school is interested in running yoga classes for pupils or for teachers, please get in touch!

What about practicing at home?

There are resources (e.g. dvds) that you can use to do yoga at home with your child. The wonderful thing about attending a class, however, is that your child’s imagination will spark and he/she will start doing yoga at home all on their own; the practices will start to become part of their lives, in your shared space. This is as true for babies as it is for older children!

We run classes for you & your children in: Baby Yoga, Parent Toddler Yoga and Children’s Yoga. For more info on start dates, click on the links above, visit: www.samyecentre.com, drop us a line at: info@samyecentre.com or message us on: 07578 177445. We’d love to hear from you!